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Web Development Services

To be successful online your website must be immediately impacting, and attractive.
It must attract the interest of your future potential clients and or users to entice them
to either purchase your product or services or become a regular user of your website.
You become their preferred website in your industry.
You gain their gratitude, their loyalty and their trust.

" You generate a good will and you will gain a client and or user for life" Thomas Meier


E-Shop / Social Network / Club / Non-Profit (Dynamic-CMS)

A Content management systems, what is Dynamically interacting with the user and giving your clients
a greater impression during navigation and accessing your companies content.Highlights are:

- Easy content management capabilities
- Potential for unlimited expansion
- Easy Client Mgmt.
- Auto Posting your Content at a future date (Saving a lot of time)
- 3 Level Authorization Management
- and many more useful BIZ-Tools.

Pre-Created or Custom Designs Layouts are available - CALL US !

Content Management Systems

Content management systems are one of the best type of websites money can buy. They provide easy content management capabilities, and have the potential for unlimited expansion, this is the primary reason why content management systems are the primary choice for Medium and larger BIZ, as well as for corporations and large organizations.

A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, you can easily update and manage all the content, products of your Business Website.


E-commerce Solutions

The internet has become one of the world’s largest market place, and continues to grow at a faster paced than any other market in history. Our company provides professional solutions that will inspire your clients trust, and give you the functionality you need to create revenue All of our e-commerce solutions are Search Engine Optimize to provide our clients with the maximum exposure.


HTML Based Websites

HTML is the (old) original structure used for web design and can be an be very effective and cost efficient way to establish your business online, with a very low Buget. Our company has qualified designers who specialize in HTML coding and editing. We provide custom design solutions in HTML, and more affordable but also effective solutions using Pre-Created Designs which can be modified to fit all your business.

Revision of Terms count for all our layouts and/or template modificated projects.


Note Backlink and MultiStar Name - Removal Ionformation

The MultiStar Network backlink and/or Logo or Name-Text

Unless otherwise agreed in writing the removal of  our ' Powered by MultiStar Network "

Will cost the website owner on top of the project cost the listed below removal prices and licensing fees.

(Note: Those are ONE TIME Fees !)

Html Basic Website US$ 999.-

E-Commerce or E-Shop or E-Stores US$ 1999.-

CMS and MultiMedia or SocialMedia Websites (each)

a One Time Fee of US$5000.- or pay monthly US$ 400.- until paid off in full !

- Special arrangements can be built into you service plan...

Ask us for our 5yr., 8yr., or 10 year pay-off-plan* - We are here to help ! (*must qualify)

If You hire us... You AGREE to ALL our TERMS and therefor are bound to our terms.

Contact us for details !